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Fact Families [SMART Notebook lesson]

CCSS.Math.Content.1.OA.B.3 Apply properties of operations as strategies to add and subtract.2

Subject: Mathematics

Grade: Grade 1

Submitted by: Annalee

Search terms: Fact FamiliesFace family house

My Family [SMART Table activity pack]

1. To identify and recognize various family members. 2. To understand the concept of family tree. 3. To genera...

Subject: Social StudiesCitizenship

Grade: Pre-Kindergarten

Publisher: DigiXL

Search terms: familycarecookingeggsreadingphotoexhaustedbirthdaysmallMywatchingsmilingtroublingwashinggardencradleTVsoncleaningChristmasstudyingbrotherlaundryrunningknittingrolesbabylovingtoysmaternalcargrandfatherfamiliestellingmedishesgardeningbeachmazeshelpingtreecryingfacebeargrandgrandmotherchildrenplayingsistercelebratinghelpfulalbumdollhouseroadballnewspapermotherBenscatteredchildhousekitchennestlostmemberscrosspickingtiredpicturesbigfatherbusyunhelpfulsadpicnicpicturedolldaughtervideo gamestoryfighting

My Family, HD [SMART Table activity pack]

This activity helps children to identify, recognize and learn the importance of staying in the family. They wo...

Subject: Citizenship

Grade: Pre-Kindergarten

Publisher: DigiXL

Search terms: dollcookingballkitchenwatchingfacegrandmotherbabycleaningbusyvideo gamebignestcelebratingbeachroadreadingmazesknittinggardeningtroublingrunningMyalbummaternalmehelpfulhelpingsonfamilytellingsisterstudyingchildrensmilingdaughterlaundryChristmasfightingcarelovingbrotherbearTVeggsbirthdaycartiredhousecryingdollhousemotherexhaustedtoysunhelpfulchildfamiliespicnicphotonewspapertreestoryplayinggrandfatherpickinggardendishespictureroleswashinglostmemberscradlesmallpicturesfatherscatteredBengrandHDcrosssad

Smartboard Showcase [SMART Notebook lesson]

A variety of activities to showcase what a SMART Board can do in a primary classroom. Great for teaching othe...

Subject: Cross-curricular

Grade: Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3

Submitted by: zeagman

Search terms: open house variety of activities tutorial cross curricular

Communicating: Improve Solutions [SMART Notebook lesson]

This activity covers how to present a problem mathematically and propose a solution. It also covers how to ana...

Subject: Mathematics

Grade: Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9

Publisher: MPS Limited (A Macmillan Company)

Search terms: The piece would be of 2.5 meter length. If he had cut double the length, 5 meter, the pipe would be just two pieces.The first member will shake hand with the other four members; the second will shake hands with other 3, and so on. Hence the total number of handshakes is 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 = 10.The pack should contain at least 30 chocolates. At the first sister's house each member will get 15 chocolates, each member of the second sister's family will get 6 chocolates, and each member of the third family will get 5 chocolates.He should take 3 socks. In any combination, it will have at least two socks of black or brown socks.Two weighs are required to identify the counterfeit coin. First weigh 3 coins each on the pans. If they balance, the counterfeit coin is in the three coins kept aside. Then weigh with one each on the pans and if the pan balances, the one kept aside is the counterfeit coin. Otherwise, the one that weighs more is the counterfeit coin. If the pans do not balance in the first weigh, do the second weigh with the three coins that weighs more by keeping one each on the pans. If the pan balances, the one kept aside is the counterfeit coin. Otherwise, the one that weighs more is the counterfeit coin.There will be 16 matches in the first round, 8 matches in the second round, 4 matches in the third round, 2 matches in the semi finals, and the final match. This makes a total of 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 31 matches. Each bar will have to cut 24 times to get 25 pieces. So, the total number of cuts is 24 x 4 = 96. Therefore, the total time required = 96 x 8 = 768 seconds.Janet should unpack the assorted biscuits and cookies and take one item from it. If she gets a biscuit, she can confirm that the pack is of biscuits, the pack labeled biscuits is cookies, and the pack labeled cookies is assorted biscuits and cookies. If she gets a cookie, she can confirm that the pack is of cookie, the pack labeled cookies is biscuits, and the pack labeled biscuits is assorted biscuits and cookies.All two digit numbers gives a multiple of 9 when the sum of digits is subtracted from it. Hence, the least number is 10.The total number of extra notebooks is 90000/300 = 300 notebooks. But the scrap produced while making the extra 300 notebooks will make one more notebook. Therefore, the total number of extra notebooks is 301.

Education Club [PDF]

We are a culb. We have from 5th grade to 12 grade in this club. We are students that are running this club kno...

Subject: Other

Grade: Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12

Submitted by: S. Yates

Language SMARTs: an Introduction to Interactive Literacy [SMART Notebook lesson]

Using the SMART board interactive white board to provide a WHOLE language experience…from hands-on reading com...

Subject: English Language Arts

Grade: Pre-KindergartenKindergartenGrade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8

Submitted by: ColetteR

Search terms: Phonics Grammar Literacy Writing ComprehensionReading Fluency

Name that Genre [SMART Notebook lesson]

Students will identify forms of literary genres.

Subject: English Language Arts

Grade: Grade 3Grade 4

Submitted by: celamade

Search terms: genres

Long Vowel Review [SMART Notebook lesson]

This activity will help students review long vowel sounds and work with words that have long vowel sounds.

Subject: English Language Arts

Grade: Grade 1Grade 2

Submitted by: C. Geleynse

Search terms: Long vowel words

Colonial Days [SMART Notebook lesson]

Learn about the early American colonies and Native Americans.

Subject: HistorySocial Studies

Grade: Grade 4

Submitted by: A. Edwards

Search terms: colony native Americans Plymouth Jamestown

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